Real 3D Solutions is an Additive Manufacturing Company situated in St. Lucia. Our primary mission for the local market and the broader Caribbean region is to transform ideas and concepts into tangible reality through the utilization of cutting-edge 3D printing technology, often in collaboration with forward-thinking individuals.

In line with our mission, we provide a diverse range of products, including:

  • Merchandise: This category encompasses items like Keychains and Trophies, which can be customized to meet specific preferences and purposes.
  • Replacement Parts: We specialize in crafting replacement components, including fixtures for automobiles and outdoor equipment parts, ensuring the longevity and functionality of various equipment.
  • Custom Parts: Real 3D Solutions excels in producing tailored components for diverse applications, including the medical field, prosthetic equipment, and various household appliances.
  • Prototypes: We offer services to bring design concepts to life in the form of prototypes, facilitating innovation and product development.

Our target audience comprises a wide spectrum of consumers, ranging from households seeking customized solutions to professionals such as technicians, pastry chefs, and event planners who require specialized items. 

However, our reach extends beyond these categories, as we have fostered robust and expanding relationships with companies across leading industries, including automotive, medical, commercial, and both private and public sectors. We remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the diverse needs of our valued clientele.

Our mission is to uplift underprivileged and vulnerable youth by providing them with contemporary technical skills and a strong foundation in work ethics. This empowerment aims to ensure their readiness for the future. Additionally, we harness the power of 3D Printing Technology to contribute to the industrialization of our manufacturing sectors. This, in turn, offers support to specialized industries locally and throughout the wider region.

To establish a standard and world-class 3D printing and rapid manufacturing company to provide customized, high-quality products to customers in Saint Lucia and throughout the Caribbean.


Real 3D Solutions operates as an enterprise that officially obtained registration in December 2016. The brain behind this innovative venture is Mr. Kayodé James, a visionary entrepreneur driven by the desire to pioneer a unique business concept that stands out from existing ventures.

Mr. James embarked on a journey to identify untapped opportunities within the local and Caribbean markets. His quest led him to explore the potential of introducing a novel product and service. 

After conducting thorough research and market analysis, the idea of implementing 3D printing technology began to take shape. Through an informal survey, he discerned a clear demand for such a business in both St. Lucia and the broader Caribbean region.


Real 3D Solutions’ strategic approach involves identifying sectors where substitutable components and reduction of packaging materials can be employed to diminish reliance on foreign imports. 

Presently, several industries in dynamic sectors procure components from international sources. In 2019, the government incurred approximately $12.86 million in expenses for the importation of plastic houseware, plastic building materials, and vehicle parts. 

Our overarching objective in this realm is to progressively curtail the national import bill by offering locally manufactured replacement components.

Another pivotal aim is to extend the lifespan of household and other appliances, such as refrigerators, blenders, and stoves, through the deployment of more advanced 3D printing technologies and techniques. 

Furthermore, we aspire to create substitute parts for automobiles and marine vessels. By doing so, we endeavor to alleviate the pressure on Saint Lucia’s sole landfill, which is approaching its intended capacity limit of 1.1 million tons.

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