At Real 3D Printing, we took it upon ourselves to engage in proactive outreach and education initiatives aimed at raising awareness about our identity and the potential benefits of our services to the public. 

Consequently, we embarked on outreach efforts, visiting various schools and summer camps to educate students and participants about the fascinating world of 3D printing and its potential applications in the classroom and beyond.

Approaching our fifth anniversary, Real 3D Printing is now recognizing its broader purpose, aiming to make a more significant impact not only on the economy but also within the community and environment. 

To achieve this, we are transitioning into a social enterprise with two primary objectives: (i) addressing the pollution associated with high levels of imports and (ii) investing in youth development through a range of training programs designed to nurture their skills.

YEAR 2017
Valuable feedback
Local Tradeshow

We participated in the Saint Lucia Taiwanese Trade Show, organized by the Ministry of Commerce. 

During this event, we proudly exhibited our merchandise and aesthetically crafted pieces, allowing us to gain valuable exposure and gather valuable feedback from the public regarding 3D printing technology. 

In addition, we took the opportunity to visit other 3D printing companies in the United States, seeking to expand our understanding and appreciation of this dynamic industry.

YEAR 2018
More capabilities

As our company continued to flourish, we seized a remarkable opportunity to collaborate with the Just4Fun carnival band. 

During this partnership, we crafted 1520 custom keychains. We also collaborated with skilled technicians to construct watersheds for the Annual Knowledge Fair. 

This significant growth in 2018 enabled us to reinvest in another printer, thus broadening our capabilities to offer replacement parts and prototype services.

YEAR 2019
Achievement Unlocked

 We successfully accomplished one of our objectives by donating a 3D printer to Corinth Secondary School. 

Our aim in doing so was to provide education to young individuals about the various applications and advantages of 3D printing. 

This achievement was made possible through the assistance of Junior Achievers, a subsidiary of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture.

YEAR 2020
New Service

Our company expanded its machinery and equipment capabilities, enabling us to introduce our fourth service, the production of customized parts. 

During the same period, amidst the pandemic, we successfully supplied approximately 1000 face shields to both the private and public sectors, as well as to the general public. 

This allowed us to foster a new relationship with the medical industry.

YEAR 2021
We won
Needed Boost
photo of real 3d printing's CEO and staff member

Real 3D Printing has committed itself to continuous advancement through research and development, leading to both technical progress and the growth of our human resources. This dedication bore fruit when we secured the top position in the national idea pitch competition organized by Boost St Lucia Inc., providing us with essential funding to expand our workforce.

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